Roxi is for Private Party Hosts, Event Planners & Caterers.

Available in: New York City - Los Angeles
How does Roxi work for Hosts?
Setup your event or party ("Roxi"):
In just a minute you can setup your Roxi details like date, time and location.
Pick the services you need:
Roxi offers you a variety of help to pick from including cocktail bartenders, bartenders, waitstaff, clean-up helpers, and more.
Browse and request the people you like:
After setting up your Roxi event, we show you profiles of Roxi workers (“Talent”) that match your needs. You can view their pictures, details and ratings.
Coordinate and communicate through the app:
Once you and the Talent are confirmed, you’ll be able to communicate with them about the details.
Never worry about handling cash:
Roxi is a cashless platform. Payments are sent directly from you to the Talent after the Roxi is over. You can even add tips if they did a great job.
We value our rating system, so should you:
After your Roxi, you can provide ratings and reviews for each Talent worker. This will help future Hosts know more about the Talent they select. Talent workers can also rate and review you as a Host.

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App Store
Have a Roxi, have some fun!
Be in the moment.