GritDaily Roxi Article – Stealth Startups

GritDaily Roxi Article - Stealth Startups to look out for...

Peter Salib recently published an article on where Roxi is featured as one of its "stealth startups" to watch. The article starts off... "With the seemingly ubiquitous pool of VC funding for the tech industry, many startups sprint to prove product-market fit and gain traction." Here is a little more about the GritDaily Roxi article.

"Here are ten tech startups that you should start watching:.."


Roxi is an on-demand hospitality talent platform for small events and party hosts who want to have an all-inclusive party experience.

If you’ve ever thrown a party for yourself or someone else, after all the planning, you still spend the party day running around and making sure everyone is happy. Roxi is an on-demand talent platform giving hosts the ability to find and book party staff to help them set up, serve food, mix drinks, clean up, and more.

Roxi’s product is an all-in-one service that allows you to hire talent, order food and beverage services, secure venue locations, and invite your guests. Take back your time the day of the party and use Roxi find some extra help."

Thank you Peter for taking the time to write about Roxi. Please take some time to check out If you are interested in learning more about Roxi, check out what Roxi can do for you.

The article was published on July 22, 2019 by . You can read the entire article here:

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