Caterers and Event Planners Pay Attention to This – Stop the 1099s!

Caterers and event planners pay attention

Caterers and event planners pay attention to this: stop the 1099s! Why am I saying this? You can use a service like Roxi for your party and event staffing. We handle all of the administrative stuff like 1099s, disability and workers compensation insurance. Using Roxi will actually free you up from the headache and worry of issuing W9s and making sure you have the right coverage.

Let us handle the administrative stuff

For your next event or party, go on Roxi and find the staff you want to use. Request them and let us handle the admin stuff. If you have people you already use for events, just ask them to sign up for Roxi Talent and hire them through Roxi. Once you do that, you won't have to be concerned with 1099s again for those individuals.

Roxi is provided by Undercurrent Technologies Corp., which is a corporation. This means that when you use Roxi you can simply write off the Roxi charge as an itemized business expense, and not have to worry about sending a sub-contractor a W9 form. Since we are a corporation, you do not need to send us a W9 either.

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Roxi will let you focus on making your event spectacular by easily finding qualified staff and minimizing your administrative overhead. Try us today!

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Let us handle the admin!

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