3 things to do before your party help arrives

Using Roxi for the first time can be exciting! You are finally having a party where you won't have to do all of the hard work. Roxi's Talent workers will show up to your next Soirée and make your life easier.

The following suggestions will help you maximize your fun and make things a little simpler.

Let them know how to get in

Each Roxi Talent worker who arrives will need to know how to gain access to your Soirée. Each Talent who is scheduled to work, will get the exact address 2 hours before they are supposed to arrive.

If you live in a suburban area, probably just showing up at the given address will suffice. They can just knock on the door. However, if you live in an apartment building, or are having an event at a public space, it may be more difficult for them to find you or gain access to your location. You can use two features in the Roxi app to let each worker know how to get into the Soirée.

Message them:
Send them a direct message from your Soirée screen, letting them know something like this "Hi.. You can check in with the doorman when you arrive. He's expecting you...".

Set the arrival information:
In the "What's Happening Next" section, you can setup details titled "Upon Arrival". This will let all Roxi Talent workers what to do when they arrive.

Set responsibilities

It is important that each Roxi Talent worker has a clear understanding of their responsibilities during the Soirée. Workers will arrive and look to you for guidance and direction. For example, bartenders will want to know where the bar is and what's being served. Clean-up workers will want to know where to take out the garbage, what should be cleaned or not cleaned. Servers will want to know how attentive they need to be to guests, or where they should serve or not serve.

Try not to mix roles. If you requested a bartender, the bartender will expect to be bartending and not serving food. Keeping each person working the roles they expected to work for your Soirée will minimize confusion and keep things simple.

Make a list for each Roxi Talent role. Lists are great! Each person can refer to their own list, when you're not around. If you're worried that a clean-up person will not remember everything to do during the Soirée, you can prepare a post-it note with a few reminders: check bathrooms each hour, take recycling out, clear garbage cans 2x/hour, etc.

Spending a little time before your Roxi Talent arrives to create lists, or think about how you'll direct each worker, will save you lots of time during your Soirée. It'll also make you feel more liberated, freeing you from worrying about whether things are being forgotten.

Have things ready

Roxi is here to make your life easier so you can enjoy yourself as much as you can during your parties and events. Scrambling and looking for supplies or food items in the middle of a party is not fun. Before your Roxi Talent shows up, make sure you know where all of the party supplies and items are for the Soirée. Think about serving items like trays or serving flatware. Where are they? For clean-up staff, make sure cleaning products and garbage bags are handy. If you have a bar setup, think about what items might be needed for stocking. You can always message your Talent and ask them what they might need to make their jobs easier.

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